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1.5" (38mm) Hollow Cathode Lamp





List of AAS Manufacturers

Our HCL can be used on AAS manufactured by:

Varian                      Thermo Fisher

Jena                         GBC

Hitachi                      Shimadzu

Chemito                      Aurora

Buck Scientific          P.G.Instruments








Glowing starting voltage: 

350 V 

Radiation stability: 

1% over 30 minutes 

Size: 2" for Perkin-Elmer 

Diameter: 50 mm, Length: 180 mm 

Size: 1.5" universal lamps 

Diameter: 38 mm, Length: 160 mm 


Our lamps may be operated at only half of the instrument manufacturer's recommended current for sufficient intensity, resulting in long lifetime of the lamps.



We monitor, control and inspect every single step of the hollow cathode lamp manufacturing process. The materials are carefully selected in our manufacturing to avoid spectral interference from fill gas or impurities in the cathode material.

Every lamp is thoroughly tested prior to shipment. Under same testing conditions, the radiation intensity of every lamp is equal to or better than those made by other vendors.



Every lamp is covered by a standard 6 months limited warranty.

Usually, each regular element lamp carries 5000 mA-Hour warranty, such as Cu, Ni, Ca, Mg, etc., each volatile element lamp carries 3000 mA-Hour warranty, such as As, Se, Sb, Bi, Pb, Cd, etc.




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