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LAB BIOTECH is a Manufacturer &Supplier of instruments and consumable of analytical instruments, include spectrophotometers and Atomic Absorb Spectrometer and Chromatogram.


LAB BIOTECH Aim is To provide the best value and customer support in laboratory instruments, accessories and spares. Prompt Service, Quality and Low Price are our Key considerations.

PRODUCT WARRANTY: 100% guaranteed replacement or refund if have any quality problem within Warranty time.


TECHNICAL SUPPORT:A dedicated technical applications and development team is ready to answer questions and investigate individual problem areas as well as help in the design of custom products

Those who work in scientific analysis, always require precision, because the most careful work means nothing if you cannot rely on the precision of analytical instruments.


Therefore, precision is as important to us as it is to you. All of our products are manufactured according to high quality standards.  With the help of refined productions techniques and the best qualified workers, it is possible for us to keep product quality at a continually high standard, which is valued in laboratories of the world.

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